Sealants and Cleaners

 Nikwax products clean and restore waterproofing to your gear while maintaining breathability, enabling it to maintain thee critical balance between keeping water out, and letting condensation escape.  Nikwax always performs its best, so you can perform your best.
  Fabric and Leather provides maximum waterproofing with minimal change to the appearance and texture of the fabric or leather.  This product contains tanning agents that extend the life of the leather and waterproofing agents that bond to both the leather and fabric.
  Cottonproof is a wash-in or paint-on treatment that adds water-repellency to cotton, heavy duty canvas and polly/cotton fabrics.  It is easy to use, and is highly effective on clothing and gear that offers minimal protection from the elements.
Nubuck & Suede provides maximum waterproofing with minimal change to the appearance and texture of nubuck, suede and split leathers.  It will significantly reduce water and salt stain damage for any footwear.  It also Prevents dirt from sticking to the leather surface.
Aqueous Wax Leather Waterproofing is a water based formulation that can be applied to wet or dry boots.  
Atsko Products

SNO-SEAL original beeswax waterproofing protects leather from rain, sun, snow and salt.  It preserves and lengthens the life of leather, without softening it.  Besides leather, sno seal is useful on horse blankets,  gun metal as a anti-rust protection , and  wood as a finisher and preserver.  


Pro-Tech Skin is heavy duty protection for hard-working skin. It contains natural unbleached beeswax to protect skin from dehydration, washing,  and friction.
Sport Wash is a scent free detergent that helps wickables wick and breathable-waterproof fabrics breathe.  Rinses away completely, leaving no residue.  Sport Wash is safe for all washable fabrics and yet powerful enough to remove all odors and stains of blood, grass, soil, etc.
Silicone Water-Guard restores and replaces factory waterproofing on silicone impregnated leather.  It applies an extremely high water-repellency effect on suede, brushed leather and textiles, while allowing material to breathe.  It resists salt stain and dirt.  Contains no chlorinated solvents or propellants.